Social Outings


Programme for April, May and June 2019

Social outings

ACT  has always made it a priority to ensure that people can access transport. This is particularly important for individuals who have mobility or other health problems which means getting around is very difficult. Also being rurally isolated and not having access to transport.

ACT has a dedicated team of trained drivers who have undergone Norfolk County Council  driver training as well as in-house training.  Also, the drivers will be accompanied by  escorts who will be available to support anyone who need support in getting on and off the vehicle. Each minibus is equipped with an hydraulic lift which means that  individual can safely access the minibus if they need the extra help; wheelchair users included.

We provide a huge  variety of outings to local events and places of interest. It is particularly popular with people who feel on their own and isolated.  It is a chance to see some of the attractive parts of Norfolk and make friends along the way.  Our minibuses are equipped to help people in Wheelchairs  or who have mobility problems and will have on board an escort to provide that extra  support.

We have a great team of volunteers who plan our Outings. Angela, Sylvia and Brenda work hard to put together an exciting  range of places to visit, usually combined with lunch or tea.

To see the early spring outings leaflet, please click the link below:

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