Partnership Agencies

We are offering an additional venue at Aylsham.  We will be visiting St Michaels Care Complex (ACT) Aylsham.  You will find the Listen Here! Bus located in the ACT car park.  This service is also open to all members of the public.  The dates are as follows:
Wednesday 31st October 10am-12noon
Wednesday 28th November 10am-12noon

An additional Service is being offered at the ACT centre for the October and November dates.
Assistive Listening Devices advice clinic.  We have an experienced volunteer who can advise you on Phones, TV listeners, flashing door bells, personal loops and room loops.  We will be able to offer you the opportunity to try phones in order to discover the phone that would suite your own hearing loss. For a copy of our leaflet click here to download.

A FREE Counselling/Psychotherapy Service New services coming soon to the ACT Centre and other locations throughout North Norfolk:

  • One to one counselling/psychotherapy, using an integrative approach to aid mental well-being.  These techniques can be used to raise self esteem and confidence through individual support and also in a group setting.
  • One to one Reiki Therapy to aid relaxation through changes in energy flows through the body.
  • One to one or group work looking at various techniques to assist in relaxation and stress management.
  • Art psychotherapy to help with expressing emotions through drawing, doodling etc (It is not an art class)
    Funded by The MS Society North Norfolk Branch service provided by Norfolk CALM For more information please contact Jeannette or 01263 579453
Supporting later life in Norfolk For our Guide to our Services Click here  
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Contact us:  James Bacon – Co ordinator 01508 533842
Surviving Together A Support Group for Women Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse.

We are a women only, NON – religious self help group for female survivors of childhood sexual abuse. We are based in central Norwich and offer a FREE, relaxed, safe and confidential environment for you to come and talk or listen with other survivors who will not be judgemental and can really understand and empathise and offer mutual support and respect. Surviving Together meet one afternoon and one evening a month which ever suits you best.

DON’T feel isolated anymore, find the courage and contact us leaving your name and a contact number and we promise to call you back.

Call 07796296922