Mental Health Support

Mental Health Support Services

ACT  offers  support and guidance to clients who are suffering from mental health problems e.g. severe depression and anxiety who are normally being treated by their GP. This is can be a  first stage support whilst in their early phase  of recovery or it may be  someone who has been the victim for many years

They will be likely to be off work or unemployed, isolated and be challenged by a range of  issues which contribute to their mental health problems. What can be damaging is  that loss of personal and social confidence…. We can help!!

How we can help

Individuals require some personal support and possibly  counselling (see the section “Counselling”  to support them in progressing back to a normal life. We know how valuable it is for someone just to set aside time to listen to them.  Support may be offering one to one support e.g. chat over coffee, practical support e.g. helping with shopping or any other support which they require which is not specialist but meets their specific need at the time. They could even  become a volunteer (with support-if required) to help with  their recovery.

We have a small mental health support group which has developed by fellow sufferers who want to meet and share time together. If you are interested in joining just call our reception 01263 733385 for details.