Luncheon Clubs


Lunch Clubs

The ACT Lunch clubs are very popular with so many of our older members of the community.  They provide delicious hot home cooked food prepared on the day by experienced cooks supported by many willing volunteers.  The combination of wonderful food and good company creates a highlight for the week all for £5.50!

The Luncheon clubs are held  every:

  • Monday at Maingay House, Aylsham
  • Tuesday  at the ACT Centre
  • Alternate Thursdays  at Maingay House Aylsham, Bure Valley House, Aylsham and Jubilee Close, Cawston
  • Every Friday at ACT Centre, Aylsham

Should you need a minibus to collect you and drop you off please do let us know.

We also do a Christmas day lunch – transport available.

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