Dementia Support Services



 ADCT was instrumental in making Aylsham one of the
first ‘Dementia Friendly Towns’ in Norfolk and as part of
our Dementia Support we provide a range of services to people living with dementia and their carers. 
In the UK there are about 800,000 people living with
dementia and of these, 16,400 live in Norfolk.This
is equivalent to 1 in every 53 people in the county.
Our main focus is in the provision of Cognitive
This form of therapy is the Stimulation Therapy (CST).
only form of dementia support currently approved
by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence and
is known to have a positive impact on people’s levels
of cognition, communication and quality of life. In
addition to the CST groups, we have a range of other
services that provide ongoing support to those living
with dementia and their carers, helping them receive
additional assistance at home, reducing their isolation
and connecting them with others in similar situations.


If so, Cognitive Stimulation Therapy can have a positive impact on these symptoms. Why not come along to one of our CST Groups. All these services are suitable for people with memory problems:


All these services are suitable for people with memory problems:

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST)  

Wednesdays from 10.00am – 11.00am 

Cost – £6.50 a session

CST is a therapy for people with mild to moderate dementia, developed at University College London and shown in research to have a positive impact on people’s levels of cognition, communication and quality of life. The group comprises 14 sessions, each lasting 1 hour and are for 6-8 people. The sessions are quite structured and follow a set of ‘Key Principles’ which ensure stimulating, positive, person centred therapy is delivered.  It is important to attend all 14 sessions if possible, to gain the maximum benefit.

Maintenance Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (MCST)   Wednesday 2.00pm – 3.00pm Cost- £6.50 a session

MCST is a follow on from the initial CST group, it uses a similar format. Groups will run for at least 24 sessions. The aim of this group is to maintain the benefits achieved in the CST group so it is for people who are able to enjoy communicating and taking part in all the activities. These groups could contain up to 12 people, and also last an hour. This is specifically for people who have previously attended CST.

Outreach Support Services

We may be able to provide an outreach service to be delivered one to one in the home.

All Outreach services will entail an initial home assessment.

We may also be able to offer occasional Carer Support home visits.

Conversation Café

Thursdays 10am – 11.15am  £6.50 a session

This group is aimed at people who are waiting to start CST or have completed the CST and MCST programme, but the only real criteria you need is to be able to enjoy a conversation.

This is a relaxed coffee and chat style group using the principles of CST.

It is led by staff and volunteers trained in CST. This is a group that carers can attend as well if they wish.

Thursday Luncheon Club

12 noon – 1pm (food served at 12.15pm)                                       Cost £8.50  for a set 2 course meal and staff support. Meals to be booked a week in advance. Monthly menu available.

 The Activity Group

Thursdays 1pm – 3pm   Cost £13

This group focuses on physical and creative activities, including table tennis, bowls, pool, seated ball game, knitting and table top games. There is a garden just outside the ACT Centre, which group members may plant in or just enjoy being in on a nice day.

Carers Support Groups

1st Wednesday of each month  2pm – 3 pm (times may vary while CST groups are running) No need to book you can just turn up. Occasional Extra focused Carers groups, dates will be advertised, booking essential.

April 2019 ADCT Dementia Services leaflet

Singing Group

ACT offers training in:

Understanding Dementia   and                                                              An Introduction to Cognitive Stimulation Therapy Workshop’                                                                                                        

All our groups are led by members of ACT staff, who are supported by ACT volunteers, who have completed the relevant training in ‘understanding dementia’ or ‘Cognitive Stimulation Therapy’

We need to remind people that, while we do our absolute best to be aware of all the needs of the people that attend our groups, we are not a secure daycentre and as such there will always be an element of  risk involved in any ‘open to the public’ establishment, which our centre is.                                          We believe the benefits of this normal environment far outweigh any potential risk.



Hayley Browne, Dementia Services Coordinator

email :

TEL. 01263 733385

 Reg. Charity No. 296411        AYLSHAM & DISTRICT CARE TRUST (ACT)

St. Michael’s Avenue

Aylsham, Norwich, NR11 6YA