Become a Volunteer


The work of ACT is totally dependent on our volunteers.  Have you got some spare time?   The time you are able to give, even if it’s very limited would be very much appreciated.

Our volunteers are of all ages. Some are retired and have time to give to help others, some have taken a career break but want to keep up their training and skills and some are young people who may have taken time off while their children are young and perhaps need to build up their confidence or skills before applying to go back into the workplace. Whatever your reason, please get in touch.Call Alison Wright on 01263 733385 or pop into the ACT Centre.

We need all kinds of volunteers  e.g:

  • People to assist the cooks at our lunches
  • Helpers in our Café
  • Car and minibus drivers
  • Passenger Assistants
  • Local fundraisers
  • Trained counsellors
  • Helping to organise events
  • Admin support – we are currently looking for someone with good Excel skills
  • Dementia support

 Click here for our Volunteer Agreement

This is what some of our existing volunteers say about their contribution to ACT:

We asked some of the volunteers why they help:

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Bill Sherwood is a mini-bus driver and voluntary car scheme driver

“I first became aware of ACT when we moved to our new home across the road from where the new ACT Centre was being built and offered my services as a volunteer. I began as a passenger assistant on the minibuses, helping to bring people to lunches organised by ACT, helping with day trips and assisting with the Thursday Aylsham Shopper bus. Since then I’ve become a fully-fledged minibus driver and four years on I enjoy it even more than when I started, working with such a friendly and committed team of volunteers and meeting such lovely people who use the services ACT provides. As a newcomer to Aylsham it was a great way to meet people, make new friends and get to know the town and its history (many of our passengers were born and raised in Aylsham as were some of the volunteers).
I also volunteered my services as a voluntary car scheme driver so am engaged a couple of times a month to take people to hospital appointments, usually at Cromer or Norfolk and Norwich or to local doctors and dentists appointments in Aylsham. Not only are you providing a useful service, you also meet some very interesting people with amazing stories to tell.”


One of the youngest volunteers, Janice Mellor, is a passenger assistant and Dementia CST assistant.

“I thoroughly enjoy being a part of this fantastic charity because it is local and I am constantly reminded of how vital the service is to people in the community. I have developed further skills through training in Cognitive Stimulation Therapy, Food Hygiene, First Aid, Manual Handing, all of which are great assets for future endeavours. I’ve gained so much insight into the importance of compassion, companionship and greater awareness of what is meaningful in life. Meeting so many amazing people with amazing stories and the sense of community is extremely fulfilling.

Lou, a volunteer minibus driver, has been a volunteer for ACT for about four years. He works as a driver  on the outskirts of London and return home once a fortnight for a few days, volunteering for ACT then.
“Being a volunteer is extremely fulfilling. I get to meet a lot of nice people and give something back through helping people in the local community. Volunteering has made me more compassionate and patient. I am more aware of other people’s needs and the need and appreciation for the time you give, helping them.”

If you are inspired by these stories, want to make new friends following a recent move to the community or want to think about what to do if you have recently retired or if you are thinking of returning to work after a career break and want to do something that will strengthen your CV or help rebuild your confidence, please get in touch. You could shadow one of our existing volunteers first to see if you like it. Pop in to the ACT centre or call Alison Wright on 01263 733385.